An Amazing Place to Stay While in Las Vegas!

rolling hills casino corning ca

An Amazing Place to Stay While in Las Vegas!

Rolling hills casino Corning ca is located in sunny northern California. This small town lies about an hour from Los Vegas. ” conveniently located right off the I Parkway, Rolling Hills Casino & Resort is an excellent destination for players who enjoy playing card games in a clean, safe, friendly, and fun environment. The casino has both non-smoking and smoking sections for your convenient enjoyment.” This is new information that came out about this fantastic location.

The beautiful setting in Rolling Hills is very picturesque and is definitely worth a visit. It really feels like you have stepped back in time. The shops are on both sides of the road and are filled with great things for your enjoyment. The largest shopping mall in the United States, in North Las Vegas, is located here. Wow!

The wonderful hills of this area make it an ideal place to take a relaxing stroll. There are over seven miles of beautiful open-air restaurants, hotels, bistros, bars, shopping malls, golf courses, and nature trails. The best thing is there are tons of great family attractions just waiting for you to discover them! For kids, there are always the Lazy River and Sandia Park for your entertainment!

You will be thrilled as you stroll through the rolling hills of California. This lovely venue is perfect for weddings, proms, birthday parties, corporate events, company picnics, festivals, fairs, concerts, and so much more. Why waste your precious time and money trying to find what you want when you can have everything arranged exactly the way you want it? It’s our job!

When you plan your next trip to Las Vegas, do not forget to check out the wonderful attraction that is Rolling Hills Casino Corning Ca. It is definitely something you have to see if you are ever in the town! The beautiful setting is sure to put a smile on your face and will make your trip to Las Vegas even more enjoyable! Who knows, you might just get addicted to playing the slots in this wonderful location! !

If you are looking for a great place to stay while you are in town, you are in luck. This wonderful hotel is located near many other wonderful attractions, and it is very close to the casino. When you stay at the top quality hotel in Rolling Hills, you will truly get the most out of your time. If you are looking for a wonderful experience in beautiful surroundings, you need look no further than the Rolling Hills Casino Corning Ca!