Mountain Creek Casino Equestrian Center Offers Looming Trails For All ages

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“I wanted to bring my riding equipment to the place where I could do all the things that are usually prohibited without worrying about my child riding in the car. My wife and I chose this location out of all the possibilities and we were very happy with it. It is very spacious and well maintained. You can bring your own horse or rent one of theirs. There is an abundance of parking and you won’t have to worry about where you park.”

The area is designated as a PGA Greenaway Park, so expect to find some of the best courses in the area. The property also has some of the most challenging trails for riding, like the Blue Ridge Parkway. “We did not need to leave the trail because it was so difficult and dangerous. We were afraid that we might take our eyes off the prize,” said Bill Siannini, a six-time champion rider. Rolling Hills Casino’s equestrian center offers some of the best trails in the PGA and its neighboring golf courses.

“It does not matter if you are an experienced rider or just a beginner. This place has everything for everyone. The course is challenging, yet safe. The staff is great and knowledgeable. There is even a kid’s play area,” added Siannini.

There are three designated riding areas: Mountain Creek, Silverado Trail, and Crossings. Each has their own challenging terrain with plenty of opportunities for off-road riding and narrow winding trails. For riders with little experience, there is an instructional riding program. “You can either sign up for lessons or simply watch as you learn by yourself. We found that the lessons were really well put together and offered enough information to last a lifetime,” said Mike Johnson, a seven-year mountain biker. The rolling hills of Pikes Peak county will make you want to come back, year after year, for more thrilling rides on the rolling hills casino trail system.