Rolling Hills Casino Buffet – The Best of Fun

rolling hills casino buffet

Rolling Hills Casino Buffet – The Best of Fun

If you are looking for a little fun with a lot of fun, Rolling Hills Casino buffet is the place to be. Located just off I-5 on the East side of Sacramento, this beautiful casino buffet restaurant serves up delicious food, great music and friendly service to any casino visitor.

Located right off the freeway, the Rolling Hills Casino buffet is perfect for people who are heading out to a local event. The buffet is located on the main level of the casino itself, next to the restrooms. “The buffets are available for all events, from concerts to weddings to birthday parties to corporate functions. We also provide a large assortment of hors oeuvres and desserts, as well as a variety of snacks. For special events, we will have catered dinner or lunch served by one of our chefs.

Guests may choose from a variety of entrees or choices from the buffet line. Some of the items available include fried chicken, seafood, Italian beef, veggie platters, seafood, salmon, steaks, burgers and sandwiches. Of course, there are plenty of other classic items to make sure that your guests get full and satisfied at all times. Some of the best appetizers and side dishes are the macaroni salad, macaroni and cheese, tuna casserole and potato salad. The sandwiches are a favorite among guests who like to have something a bit different from the typical meatloaf sandwich. You can also enjoy a delicious dessert such as the Chocolate Mousse.

For the evening, a great way to enjoy the rolling hills casino buffet is to join in some live music or to sit around the bar and listen to the DJ. during your breaks. Music is sure to entertain everyone at the casino buffet table. There is always a DJ available to play some of the latest music in your area, whether it is country rock, pop or rock & roll.

When you get tired of eating and want a little something a little sweeter, try a drink at the bar or the rollers won’t hurt, or ice cream cones. For dessert, try a delicious cake or a selection from the rotating dessert menu. We serve freshly made pies, cakes, brownies and chocolates.

The Rolling Hills Casino Buffet provides guests with an enjoyable experience. With a large variety of dining options, you can make your party fun filled and relaxing. This casino buffet is the ultimate way to relax and have fun. No matter what the occasion, we are certain to make your visit a memorable one.