Rolling Hills Casino Events

rolling hills casino events

Rolling Hills Casino Events

The Rolling Hills Casino is a secluded venue in the southern part of Malaysia that offers unparalleled casino fun. With stunning scenery, fascinating fishing communities and exceptional dining, the place has something for everyone. With a host of scheduled and non-scheduled entertainment and events, visitors will be sure to be entertained by this entertainment mecca.

On the scheduled entertainment calendar, the Rolling Hills casino events are not only packed with fun but they are also free! Catch an opening event before the main event starts. Be one of the lucky few who can catch the Madam Queen opening. Not everyone gets this opportunity, so be sure to call in advance.

From the huge to the tiny, the Rolling Hills Casino events are popular in every category. In addition to regular events like the Star Wars Party, Friday Night Feast, Hen Nights, VIP Cocktail Party and Scratch Cards are all highly anticipated events. Gambling, drinking and fun are the order of the day. But the activities are not limited to just casino games. For the latest in experience attractions, do not miss out on the Casino Nights at the Rolling Hills Casino.

A great thing about the Rolling Hills Casino is the venue is ideal for playing live online poker. You can bring your friends or family and enjoy the poker action of some of the world’s best live players. They can also help you with your games or have a little fun themselves. And you can also book up to four slots and four blackjack games.

While you are there, grab a table for two to enjoy a game of poker round the clock! In addition to the live poker action, the bar is equipped with cocktail tables and a separate VIP lounge for drinks and hors’ oeuvres. After your evening of fun, you can visit the restaurant, Cafe Las Vegas, which has its own private bar for a simple after dinner drink or dinner before heading home. This makes it an ideal getaway for the busy person on the go.

In addition to poker and bar snacks, the Poker Frenzy, Adventure Rollers, Studio Roller Derby and Sabrina’s Dreams Live roller disco will keep you entertained. The Kids Week is another fun event where the children can enjoy the exciting sports activities. So don’t worry about boredom because there is plenty of excitement in store for everyone. Of course, the kids are sure to be entertained.

There are even on casino events to look forward to. The “Rodeo Run” is a non-scheduled event that is a combination of games, live music and a host of great prizes. The events are scheduled at different times and have different prizes depending on the slot machine location, which makes it a very diverse experience for all the guests.

With so many options to choose from, the Rolling Hills Casino events are sure to entice even the most avid gambler. The sheer variety of events available makes the experience far more memorable than the usual casino games.