Rolling Hills Resort and Casino

Located off I-5 in Corning, CA, Rolling Hills Casino & Resort offers some of the most challenging gaming available. “For visitors who love the excitement of gambling but do not want to risk slipping or falling on dirty floors, roll-in/roll-out casinos are the way to go. Whether you are looking for high rollers, thrill-seekers, or gambling beginners, you can find a casino that will suit your needs and make your day more exciting. From the top-of-the-line slots to the best poker tournaments, all of Rolling Hills Casino’s games are available on either an ‘In’Out’ basis to accommodate everyone.

rolling hills casino corning

“When it comes to choosing a casino, Rolling Hills Resort takes pride in its customers. “We offer a variety of activities, from high-roller entertainment to friendly gaming for children of all ages. Our casinos are known for their friendly atmosphere and customer service. All of our games are carefully monitored to ensure quality. The best part about playing at our casinos is that they are conveniently located on the main road, giving you easy access to Corning, which is easily accessible by car, bus, train, or airplane. When you are ready to step up to the slot machine, we have a number of video gaming centers and high-speed wireless Internet access to help you through your games.”

In addition to offering state-of-the-art casinos, the Resort offers a number of exciting attractions. Visitors can dine at the restaurants, dine in the restaurants, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach, or attend live music concerts on the beach. You can even watch dolphins and sea life in the beautiful natural setting of the ocean and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. One of the main attractions at the Resort is the Sea Life Aquarium, which houses more than 500 different types of marine animals including whales and dolphins. You can watch as the animals swim and interact with one another and even try their tricks!

In addition to the wonderful facilities offered by Rolling Hills Resort, Corning offers beautiful landscapes and shopping, as well. Shopping at the center is located along Highway 99, near the Corning airport. Shopping is available at various locations throughout Corning including many outdoor and indoor malls, local specialty shops, and downtown businesses. For shopping convenience, there are plenty of grocery stores, department stores, clothing and home improvement stores, art and craft shops, cafes, art galleries, department stores, restaurants, art boutiques, and restaurants. Shopping at the center is great for families, students, travelers, couples, or honeymooners.

The town of Corning is located between the Pacific Ocean and Lake Tahoe and is surrounded by hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. The community has beautiful parks, hiking trails, parks, gardens, and museums. The unique shopping center, located at the bottom of the valley, features a wide array of outdoor markets and dining choices. The center has a number of eateries to choose from, ranging from fine diners, fast food to specialty coffee bars.

Rolling Hills Resort and Casino offer top-notch entertainment for all ages and interests. The Resort offers a wide variety of slot machines, electronic gaming machines, video arcades, electronic dart boards, miniature golf, arcade games, and other fun activities to keep everyone entertained and active. You can relax and enjoy the sunsets at the beach while playing at the casinos, or find a way to get into the action at the thrilling slot machines and video gaming machines in the high-speed wireless Internet connection that is available at the center.