Rolling Hills Casino CA

“A Great Place to Visit,” Rolling Hills Casino & Resort, Corning CA “We offer great value and fun for all ages and tastes. Whether you want to relax, play, or go dancing, we have the place for you at Rolling Hills. Located off the Interstates 5 and 80, this casino is easy to reach from Los Angeles International Airport and offers free parking.”

Rolling Hills Casino has been featured on many television shows. The casino was featured on ABC’s “The View” last month and was ranked as one of the top ten casinos in California. “If your family is looking for a unique destination where they can play video poker, go bowling, play mini-golf, or have a great time with friends and family,” Rolling Hills says in its website. “We have the best of everything you want at a great casino.”

“The casino offers exciting entertainment, great food, wonderful dining, as well as fantastic shopping. The casino is located on Corning Road, just blocks away from Corning High School. The Corning Golf Course is only a short distance to the north. It provides some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country.

“We have a very friendly staff, offering a full range of services, from casino gaming to a full range of casino dining, pool, casino gaming, along with complimentary coffee, hot cocoa and more. We are located directly across the street from Corning High School and we welcome students as well as tourists. If you are interested in playing video poker, video roulette, bingo, or playing other gambling games, we have some of the largest and most exciting slots in the state.”

“Rollings Hills is also located in close proximity to shopping, entertainment centers. The Corning Center is right around the corner and offers everything from theaters to restaurants, and bars.

We are located in close proximity to many of the major freeways and are less than an hour’s drive from San Francisco and Los Angeles International Airport.” Rolling Hills Resort is also a member of the National Association of Horse Racing Commissioners (NAHOC) and the California Resort & Casino Commission (CRCC).

“The casino is surrounded by beautiful hills, mountains and vineyards and is located near Corning Lake, an outdoor water reservoir. The lake is the perfect setting for families to enjoy a quiet picnic on the lake and boating on the lake.

Rolling Hills is a favorite among families, couples, singles, and the entertainment seekers who prefer a quieter and more romantic environment to play their favorite gambling games. No matter what you are looking for, there is a casino within easy driving distance, if you are willing to take the time to find it.”

“If you are looking for a fun and relaxing place to play your favorite gambling games, we have the finest selection in the area. Whether you like to play at a casino, on the internet, go bowling lanes, take a break from work, or enjoy a great meal, our award-winning dining, entertaining and live entertainment options will fit your needs and desires.