Rolling Hills Entertainment Center

“Comfortably located on the I-90 exit, Rolling Hills Resort & Casino is a top choice for tourists and locals who enjoy playing slots and other fun games in an exciting, clean and comfortable environment.” – California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

“Rolling Hills Casino California, is a family oriented casino located in the heart of Orange County’s Pacific Palisades. The casino is known for its exciting casino games and excellent customer service, along with entertainment including live music, magic shows, and karaoke. This casino is committed to providing its customers with games that allow them to gamble responsibly. The casino has more than a thousand slot machines and several video poker machines as well as the popular Wheel of Fortune game.

Rolling Hills Casino California offers guests one-on-one casino training in addition to casino gaming. This casino is committed to providing its guests with high quality casino gaming and entertainment including a high quality service. When playing at Rolling Hills Resort & Casino California you will be able to experience the fun and excitement of live music, magic shows, karaoke, and a variety of games including bingo, craps, slot machines, video poker, roulette and blackjack. You can choose from an array of great food selections as well as fine beverages. All of this, along with entertainment and games, makes the gaming experience at Rolling Hills Resort & Casino California truly unique and enjoyable. The casino is conveniently located near the world famous Disneyland, which is only 15 miles away and is one of the most popular theme parks in the world.

The California State Gaming Commission, which regulates casino gaming in the state, approves all licenses for operating casinos within the state. With the approval of these licenses, casinos are licensed to operate with minimal regulations that provide a safe and fun atmosphere for the customers, staff, guests and casino players.

When you choose Rolling Hills Casino California for your next trip to the amusement park, don’t forget to bring your family and friends. and family with you. While you’re playing your favorite game, you will find that you and your friends will feel relaxed and comfortable as you share in the fun, excitement of the casino games with others while enjoying the food and drink specials, games, entertainment, gaming, and other activities of this fantastic amusement park.

Rolling Hills Casino California is proud to serve you with a professional staff that will provide top quality services and a friendly, knowledgeable service to ensure that you have a good time playing casino games with other people. With many features and facilities to entertain you and your family, you’ll never want to leave the casino even when you’ve had a few drinks and want to take a break from playing the slot machine games.