The Lodge of Rolling Hills Casino in North Carolina

The Lodge is located in the scenic Black Forest of Pennsylvania. It is nestled in the heart of West Pennsyvania County in the Adirondack Mountains. You will find the Lodge nestled between Snow Mountain and Bald Mountain. The main attraction when visiting the Lodge is the massive Black Mountain rock formation. This large, black mountain formation was formed millions of years ago when a giant volcano erupted on the surface of the earth. Today it stands nearly seven miles tall and consists of more than 900 individual pieces.

the lodge rolling hills casino

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury accommodations, this is the place to stay. The Lodge is a member of the Casino Commission of the state of North Carolina. They also have a full time casino on the property. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the awesome views offered by the black mountains in the backdrop of the casino floor. One of the attractions that this town offers is the “Hills Overlook”. This is a great outdoor trail that allows you to view the breathtaking landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The town of Rolling Hills is very unique, because the highway is two miles long right through the middle of the town. This makes it very easy to get to the attractions like the Black Mountain rock formation and the famous Hot Springs Mountain. If you are looking for a place to eat, you will find many fine restaurants and cafes. There are also some great country clubs in the area that offer members discounts on all of their amenities.

The town of Rolling Hills is just an hour from the famous Pee Dee Ski Resort in Raleigh. You can take a train that will take you directly to the resort. If you would rather drive, you will be able to find several roads that lead you in different directions to the Pee Dee Ski Resort. Most of the roads wind around the rolling hills of the town. One road that you should definitely take is route 14A. This road will take you right where the light turns green, which means the slopes are ready to go.

The Lodge is a short walking distance from the town of Rolling Hills Casino. You can find a lot of great accommodations right in the casino. You can find a nice hotel that is close to the tracks or one that is a bit further out in the woods. You can stay at any of these hotels, if you would rather roll down your tent and sleep outside in the fresh air.

One thing that people love about the lodge is that they offer a wide array of activities for the entire family. Their biggest draw is the slots and blackjack tables. The fun that goes on here is best enjoyed by all. Children will love the interactive games and there are even opportunities to meet some of the celebrities from the area. If you are looking for a unique place to spend your next vacation, the town of Rolling Hills Casino in North Carolina is the perfect choice.